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Distributor Pumps (VE)

Initially introduced for in-direct injection (IDI) driven passenger cars, distributor pumps have been successfully applied and are running world over on heavy duty direct injection (DI) commercial vehicles and off-highway applications as well. Distributor pumps are known for their compactness and versatility to take on several add-on devices, to cater to all the engine requirements

Single Cylinder Pumps (PF)

Bosch has been catering to the needs of a large number of engine manufacturers worldwide. Single Cylinder Pumps (PF) cater to a wide range of applications ranging from Agricultural and far equipment, industrial engines/generators to automotive, commercial vehicle, railways, and marine engines.

Multi Cylinder Pumps (PE)

Bosch Ltd. started manufacturing Multi-cylinder (PE) pumps way back in 1956, catering to the needs of a large number of engine manufacturers worldwide. These pumps cater to a wide range of applications from Gensets, Automobiles to Locomotives. Bosch Ltd. is a centre of competence in Bosch group for Multi cylinder In-line A type pump and P type pump.

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Common Rail Systems

While other diesel injection systems generate the fuel pressure for each injection separately, the Common Rail System separates pressure generation and injection from one another. The fuel is constantly available at the pressure required for injection.

The Common Rail System is modular in design. The right combination of high-pressure pump, injectors, rail and electronic control unit results in systems for all types of engine. Conventional injection systems can be replaced with the Common Rail System with relatively few changes. The injectors can be fitted in the cylinder head like a nozzle-holder combination, and the high-pressure pump replaces the one previously used.

Automotive Bulbs

Bosch Automotive Lighting satisfies the highest standards and offers the right product for every application. With outstanding light output and whiteness, the automotive bulbs range ensure superior illumination of the road. The extensive lighting range includes head lamps, stop & tail lamps, conventional i2 bulbs, miniature bulbs and head lamp assemblies.

Bosch Automotive Filters

For over 80 years, Bosch has been in forefront of developing and innovating filter technologies. Today, Bosch offers over 400 different types of filters, each developed to efficiently eliminate impurities, and enhance engine performance.

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